Swapping Tokens on Uniswap

Swapping Tokens on Uniswap

Platform: Uniswap

Category: Decentralized Exchange

Use: Exchanging crypto



24/7 Digital ATM

  • Swap one crypto for another.
  • Connects to MetaMask.
  • Receive swapped crypto direct in wallet.
  • Secure, Safe, Never down.
  • Swap between any Ethereum token.
  • Native token: UNI
  • Use UNI to vote on features / upgrades.
  • Buy / Sell, trade UNI as investment into the Uniswap platform.

Lets Exchange Some Crypto!

Before starting, make sure you have your MetaMask wallet set up (see our guide)
Make sure you have ETH in your wallet to pay for the transaction fees!

Step 1: Head over to Uniswap and navigate to "Use Uniswap"

Step 2: Connect your wallet (top right corner) - MetaMask is my wallet choice


Step 3: Choose the crypto you have in your wallet, & what you want to swap to.

Uniswap is compatible with Ethereum tokens only! (They are all listed)


Step 4: Click 'Swap' when ready, then 'Confirm Swap', pay the transaction fee.



Congrats! You have swapped your first crypto on a 100% decentralized exchange! Powerful stuff!