Investing in a Crypto Market Cap Index

Investing in a Crypto Market Cap Index

Platform: Cryptex Finance

Category: Derivatives

Recommended Capital: $200+

Takes About: 10 mins

Here we are going to be buying the $TCAP coin, who’s price follows the TOTAL crypto market cap (like an index) - this way we can invest in the overall growth of crypto.

What is $TCAP?

  • $TCAP is a coin which can be bought on an exchange like SushiSwap
  • $TCAP is different because its price follows the total crypto market cap

How to buy $TCAP? - Ethereum Mainnet Guide

  1. Go to SushiSwap CLICK HERE
  2. Connect your metamask wallet to the site
  3. Make sure wallet is on ETH mainnet
  4. exchange desired amount of $ETH for $TCAP (if the transaction fee too high for liking, DON’T go thru with it, wait it out)
  • ⚠️ There will be 2 transactions! First one is “approve”, pay that tx fee, then final one is “swap” and confirm + pay transaction fee.

How to buy $TCAP? - Optimism Guide

  • coming soon...