Play A No-Loss Crypto Lottery!

Play A No-Loss Crypto Lottery!

Platform: PoolTogether

Category: No Loss Lottery

Recommended Capital: $200+

Prizes!: $12,000+ in weekly prizes!


What is a "No Loss Lottery"?

  • You can think of it like a savings account that acts as a lottery ticket.
  • "No Loss" means you can withdraw your money from the lottery pool at any time.
  • "No Loss" also means you continue to have chances to win the next lottery.

You Probably Have Some Questions:

Q: How do I know its not a scam?

A: PoolTogether is open source, meaning all of the randomness of the winners picked can be seen by looking at its public code. It can easily be audited!

Q: Is my money safe here?

A: While your money is in good hands, there area always risks from bad actors trying to attack the system. There haven't been any incidents yet, and also $100 million is currently deposited into lottery pools here, so that should give you some confidence.

Q: If no one loses their money, where does the prize money come from?

A: PoolTogether takes everyone's deposits, and directly puts them into high interest 'savings' accounts on the Compound app. With so much money being pooled, a lot of interest is earned in a week's time. At the end of the week, the interest earned from Compound, is distributed to the winner(s).

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