Play A No-Loss Crypto Lottery!

Play A No-Loss Crypto Lottery!

Platform: PoolTogether

Category: No Loss Lottery

Recommended Capital: $200+

Earn Up To: $70,000+ in prizes!


Earn Rewards: POOL Token


Here's the kicker, on top of the fact that you don't lose money with this lottery, you actually EARN money!

How? Your deposit (lottery tickets you purchase) earn interest in the app's native token (POOL)

POOL is a cryptocurrency so you can sell or hold it!

What is a "No Loss Lottery"?

  • You can think of it like a savings account that acts as a lottery ticket.
  • "No Loss" means you can withdraw your money from the lottery pool at any time.
  • "No Loss" also means you continue to have chances to win the next lottery.

You Probably Have Some Questions:

Q: How do I know its not a scam?

A: PoolTogether is open source, meaning all of the randomness of the winners picked can be seen by looking at its public code. It can easily be audited!

Q: Is my money safe here?

A: While your money is in good hands, there area always risks from bad actors trying to attack the system. There haven't been any incidents yet, and also $100 million is currently deposited into lottery pools here, so that should give you some confidence.

Q: If no one loses their money, where does the prize money come from?

A: PoolTogether takes everyone's deposits, and directly puts them into high interest 'savings' accounts on the Compound app. With so much money being pooled, a lot of interest is earned in a week's time. At the end of the week, the interest earned from Compound, is distributed to the winner(s).

I'm Sold! How Do I Start! 👇

Step 1: Choose which crypto pool you want to deposit into!

Choices are:

  • USDC
  • DAI
  • COMP
  • UNI


Step 2: Fill up your MetaMask wallet with the crypto token you chose. (Guide)


Ethereum Transaction fees are currently high, so prepare by having ETH in your wallet.

Step 3: Head over to PoolTogether's website and connect your wallet.


Step 4: Click the "Deposit" button on your pool of choice.


Step 5: Type in how much $$$ you want to deposit.


Step 6: Pay the transaction fee!

Now You Wait!

On top of a chance to win tens of thousands of dollars, your deposit will also be accruing PoolTogether's native token (POOL) the whole time you have an active deposit!

This is awesome because the POOL token can be openly trade on the crypto market, and you can hold, sell, or buy it.

So you its not even a 'no-loss lottery' its a 'make money lottery'! Crazy huh?!