Buy / Sell NFT Crypto Art

Buy / Sell NFT Crypto Art

If you want the 360 scoop on what NFTs are, check out our NFT Guide first.

Buying NFTs:

Step #1: Buy Ethereum on Coinbase or (NFTs are bought with ETH)

Step #2: Create a MetaMask crypto wallet. (Check our Guide)

Step #3: Send the ETH you bought, to your new, MetaMask wallet.

MetaMask Wallet Address

Just like sending a letter or an email, we need an address to send our Ethereum to.

  1. Open up your MetaMask browser extension.
  2. Click "Account 1" to copy your address to clipboard.
  3. In Coinbase, Binance, Kraken (wherever you bought crypto), paste this as the destination address. Hit send.
Reminder! MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet, meaning you can't send Bitcoin to it, or non-ethereum tokens!


Step #4: Head over to Rarible and connect your wallet to create a profile.


Step #5: Browse the site, find an NFT you like!


Step #6: Either place a bid or pay the sale price for the NFT.

Note: MetaMask will pop-up and show you the current transaction fee to purchase. If you're happy with the current fee, click "confirm". All done!

Step #7: The NFT you have purchased can now be seen in your Rarible profile! It is now up to you if you want to put up for re-sale, hold it, etc..


Creating & Selling NFTs on Rarible:


  • A MetaMask ethereum wallet
  • ETH in your MetaMask to pay for minting fee.
  • Good art. Seriously, don't waste your time if you aren't an artist. It's not a money grab.

Step #1: Head over to Rarible, connect your MetaMask wallet (make sure to have ETH funds to pay for NFT minting fee.


Step #2: Click the create button in the top right.


Single = one copy, but can be re-sold infinite amount of times after your first buyer.

Multiple = You choose how many copies are created for sale.


A) Upload whatever type of file your heart desires.

B) Choose if you want it up for sale immediately or later.

C) Instant sale price = accept bids, but set a price that immediately sells at.

D) Option to unlock hidden content after purchase

E) Create a new collection or just list it under Rarible. (recommend to create new)


Step #3: Mint & List For Sale

  • Make sure the required fields are filled out
  • Click "create item"
  • First, you'll have to pay a transaction fee to mint your NFT.
  • Second, you'll have to pay another transaction fee to list your NFT.