Monthly Monkey News Archive

Monthly Monkey News Archive

February 2021:

High fee bad, centralization more bad.

🍌 Eth fees high. Network demand high. Congestion in blockchain.

🍌 People with little moneys no happy. Little moneys hard to make big moneys if monkey can't day trade.

🍌 Maybe monkey save money by not able to day trade it away?

🍌 2 things fix high fees: Layer 2 and Ethereum 2.0 launch. Hope soon.

🍌 Low fee easy, decentralization hard.

🍌 Ethereum still best option.

Binance "Smart" Chain

🍌 BSC wants win Ethereum because low fee.

🍌 BSC owned by chief monkey. No good.

🍌 Crypto invented to remove chief monkeys.

🍌 Chief monkey make fake volume. People believe chief monkey.

March 2021 Highlights:

Ethereum devs work hard

🍌 Smart monkeys from Ethereum devs make proposal "EIP 1559"

🍌 Proposal want to burn little bit ETH from every transaction

🍌 Burn ETH make ETH deflationary asset. Deflationary = ETH more value

🍌 March 5th, developer monkeys decide "EIP 1559" is go for July!

🍌 Ethereum monkey family go crazy, very happy monkeys. ETH 2 Moon

Big money come into crypto

🍌 Hedge fund money keep pouring in. This time different I think.

🍌 Visa do 1st transaction on Ethereum. This big news for Ethereans.

🍌 PayPal say soon monkeys can pay with crypto at checkout. cool

🍌 Alchemix lets monkey take loan that repay itself. but, ser?

🍌 AAVE scales on Polygon to lower ETH fees for monkeys.

April 2021 Highlights:

Bull market go strong

🍌 Coinbase go public in stock xchanges Apr. 14, hello mainstream

🍌 IndexCoop launch Metaverse Index (MVI), good invest

🍌 Someone buy boat with self paying loan. What goin on

🍌 Eth tx fee decrease to 40 gwei. Whoa, been while. Flash bots?

🍌 Some1 buys $500k pixel land on Decentraland game. huh?

🍌 Christies to auction 9 cryptopunks in May 14. Wow, this big

May 2021 Highlights:

Google, pls define 'flippening'

🍌 Ethereum move high and move fast. Price 2 moon. why?

🍌 Institutional monkeys buy ETH , rumor on street

🍌 Eth apes begin to say ETH soon outgrow Bitcoin.

🍌 AAVE launch reward program. Billions of $$ flow in.

🍌 AAVE launch reward program on Polygon much $$$ tvl.

🍌 ETHereum now call ATHereum, $4200 new high. wow.

NFT still go crazy

🍌 Larva lab launch 20,000 meebit 3D avatar NFT collection

🍌 Cryptopunk owner very lucky, each get 1 free meebit.

🍌 Many rare meebit sell for $1 million + ..lucky monkeys

🍌 Sotheby's auction house announce punk sale in June

🍌 Christie's auction house selling Cryptopunks on May 11

June 2021 Highlights:

Interesting to say the least, DeFi keeps on chugging along

🍌 Pool Together cross $200m in deposit. wow many prize.

🍌 Alchemix has alETH bug, give monkeys FREE ETH! lukcky

🍌 Crypto punk alien sell for $10m at sotheby auction. wow

🍌 AAVE $MATIC reward slow down, more pls. huge success.

🍌 Polygon thriving, many app come over.

🍌 TITAN token crash / bank run, stupid stable coin attempt

🍌 Binance add Polygon withdraw option wow cool.

🍌 Decentraland vote any1 can make NFT wearables.

July 2021 Highlights:

Market = Crab 🦀 = sideways price action , very annoy

🍌 Coca-Cola launch NFT wearable for Decentraland, wow.

🍌 EIP 1559 get pushed back tiny bit to Aug 4. Can't Wait.

🍌 Ethereum soon become "deflation by demand"

🍌 Axie Infinity Metaverse price go crazy. much profit.

🍌 Crypto market slowly climb back up.