Moon Cats

Moon Cats


NFT art is in the infant stages, and can be very volatile and risky. Don't purchase with the expectations of a return on investment. Could go up, could go down.

What makes them unique?

Their story. Moon Cats were a computer generated NFT project, that was lost, forgotten, and frozen in time. Recently uncovered by a few blockchain archeologists, it turns out that Moon Cats were published to the blockchain in August, 2017. This means that they pre-date the popular "crypto kitties" project, and are the 2nd oldest NFT generative art collection. This was a crazy discovery. On March 12th, 2021, Crypto twitter was made aware, and the 26,000 moon cats were minted and 'rescued from the moon' all within 24 hours. They then hit the reseller market, and have been climbing ever since.

  • Total of ~25,000 Moon Cats in existence, each unique.
  • Pixel art generated randomly by software.
  • The second generative art NFT, after Crypto Punks.
  • Unique 'lost in time' story that resurfaced this project.

Where can I buy Moon Cats?

Official Website?

Who created Moon Cats