Dapp Wiki - Explore & Learn DeFi Apps

Dapp Wiki - Explore & Learn DeFi Apps

Dumbed down explanations of decentralized applications so you can understand what you're buying and what you're using.
Sorted by functionality, below you will find clickable cards for each type of decentralized app

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DeFi Banks 🏦

Lending & Borrowing protocols are the banks of the DeFi revolution. Owned by the people, working for the people. With no middle-men banks, the profit is ours to take.

Lending & Borrowing

Crypto Currency Exchange 💷 & more...

These apps are like currency exchange kiosks and ATMs, but ones that can fit in your pocket, and are owned by the people, serving the people.

Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)

Money Managers 🤖💰- But Better...

These apps are hands free robot money managers that move your money around the DeFi world to make it work for you. Fully open, and community owned.

Autopilot Interest Generators (Yield aggregation)

Future Interest, Paid Now:

Futurized Yield

Unbelievably Awesome Apps 🤩

You NEED to try these out!

Fun Stuff

Derivatives / Trading Apps 📈📉

Derivatives are tradable 'price-trackers', whose price is directly tied to another underlying asset.


Cool NFT Apps 🤯

NFTs are cool, but these platforms make them 10x cooler. From Fractionalized ownership, to getting loans using your NFTs...

NFT x DeFi