Web3 Sports Speculation

Web3 Sports Speculation

Platform: Overtime Markets

Overt1me lets you connect your wallet and start placing bets on sports teams!

Web3 Sports Bets 101:

In Web3 Fashion, all you need is to connect your wallet!
  • Just like a Vegas sportsbook or an app like DraftKings, you can place your sports bets on Overtime.
  • Choose from multiple sports.
  • Select upcoming games / matches.
  • Bet on outcomes, handicap, total points, half time points etc..
  • Accepted currencies: USDC, USDT, DAI, sUSD. (Stablecoins which = $1)

Step #1: Fund Your Wallet with Stablecoins

Overtime has most activity on the OPTIMISM network, so we send funds there.
  • Use HOP or CELER bridge to send stable coin of your choice to Optimism network.
  • Accepted stable coins: sUSD, DAI, USDC, USDT.

Step #2: Choose a sport / match to bet on

Connect your self-custody wallet to the overtime website.

Step #3: Buy the bet

  1. Select on predicted outcome
  2. Select the stablecoin you hold
  3. Enter the $$ you want to put up
  4. Analyze the potential profit / odds
  5. APPROVE transaction
  6. BUY transaction.
  7. You can now see all open positions when you click on your profile at top right on the overtime website.

Step #4: Wait and find out!

Click the top right corner on the website (profile) to see your open positions and how they’re performing!