Getting Interest on AAVE

Getting Interest on AAVE

Depositing DAI into AAVE (on polygon)

AAVE currently has a rewards program on their Polygon app, which rewards all borrowers and lenders generously in MATIC tokens.
MATIC rewards on AAVE will get slashed by 50% on June 14th.
From June 14th, 2021 to April 2022, the remaining MATIC will still be up for grabs.

Risk Factor: ⭐ (1 / 5)

Difficulty: ⭐ (1 / 5)

Recommended Capital: ⭐ $400+

  • Basically, we will deposit into a lending and borrowing app (AAVE), and will be contributing to a lending pool, which pays us interest by the second.
  • On top of earning interest on the crypto we deposit, we will also earn bonus MATIC token rewards! (AAVE's reward incentive program)
  • RECOMMENDED: Deposit stable coins like DAI or USDC, there's no risk of the value of it going up or down since its 1:1 with the US Dollar.
  • NOTE: The AAVE token has the highest MATIC reward returns! If you own any AAVE tokens, here would be the best place you can store them to earn high rewards paid in MATIC.

Video Walk-Through Guide: