Alpha Homora

Alpha Homora

Alpha Homora connects those seeking interest on their crypto, with those that wish to take leveraged yield farming positions. Alpha is known for having the best interest rates for ETH.

Quality Check:

✅ Audited

✅ Active community

✅ Active team

🚫 Decentralized

Community Links:

👉 Alpha website

👉 Alpha twitter

👉 Alpha token

👉 Alpha founder

👉 Alpha docs


Why Use Alpha Homora? 🤔

  • Earn: anybody is free to deposit and earn amazing APY on crypto.
  • Leverage Liquidity position: more risky players borrow from deposited funds to boost (or potentially lose) their farming income.

Why Yield Aggregators? 🤔

  • Your deposit is being managed by a community / algorithm(s) that put it to work in DeFi, so you don't have to worry about finding new strategies for accruing interest, or be in tune with DeFi.

How Does It Work? 🤔

  • Alpha caters to 2 types of users: lenders (passive interest) and risky yield farmers.
  • Lenders: simply deposit your crypto, and get hands free APY (in your asset + ALPHA)
  • Risky Yield Farmers: Can borrow depositor's funds to leverage their liquidity / farming positions on Sushi swap, curve etc...
  • Yield farmers pay a % fee to borrow funds for leverage, which goes to the lenders.
  • Alpha auto-compounds farming positions to quickly grow farmer's positions.

What Is The $ALPHA Token Used For?

  • $ALPHA is the native token for Alpha Homora.
  • Since Alpha Homora is not yet fully decentralized, the token is for bootstrapping funds and eventually will become the governance token of the platform.

Stand-Out Features?

  • One of highest interest rates for $ETH within DeFi.
  • Ability to auto-compound and leverage your liquidity positions from Uniswap, Sushi Swap, Curve..

What Are The Risks Of Using Alpha?

  • Bugs, exploits in the smart contracts, are always possible.