CompliFi is a new & innovative derivatives issuance app, where liquidations or margin calls don't exist.

Quality Check:

✅ Audited

⚠️ Newly Released

✅ Active team

⚠️ Centralized (for now)

Community Links:

👉 CompliFi website

👉 CompliFi twitter

👉 CompliFi token

👉 CompliFi Discord

👉 CompliFi docs


What Is CompliFi? 🤔

  • A derivatives eco-system with 2 sides:
  • Side 1: those that want to leverage trade crypto (long or short)
  • Side 2: those that provide collateral for derivatives to be issued (earn interest)
  • With both of these sides using each other, and derivatives being backed by real collateral at all times, there aren't any liquidations, margin calls, or defaults!

Why Trade On Leverage? 🤔

  • Possibility to multiply your profits, without needing more capital.
  • (also possible to multiply losses 😄)
  • Bullish on ETH? Go 5x LONG —> ETH moves up 5%? —> You're up 25%
  • Bearish on ETH? Go 5x SHORT —> ETH moves down 5%? —> You're up 25%

How Does It Work?


What Are The Risks Of Using CompliFi?

  • Bugs, exploits in the smart contracts, are always possible.
  • CompliFi is a fairly new Dapp, and they warn that the app is in BETA right now, and to use at your own risk.