APWine is a like a bank that lets you earn interest today, instead of waiting.

Quality Check:

✅ Audited

✅ Active team

✅ Decentralized, DAO

Community Links:

👉 APWine website

👉 APWine twitter

👉 APWine token

👉 APWine docs


What Is APWine? 🤔

  • DeFi app, running on Ethereum and Polygon network
  • Allows users to deposit interest bearing coins.
  • Allows users to realize their future interest on these coins, NOW, instead of waiting.

Example: Earning 5% interest on your USDC (on AAVE)?

  1. Deposit $10,000 of that USDC into APWine
  2. Get $500 (5%) cash right now. (instead of waiting 1 year to earn it.
  3. Spend that cash, invest that cash, do whatever.
  4. Get your $10k back in a year at full amount.

Why Use APWine? 🤔

  • Make a purchase in real life without touching your savings
  • Get cashflow now to invest, without touching your savings (or selling)

Purpose of the $APW coin?

  • Different interest bearing crypto assets exist in DeFi...
  • So the community gets to pick & VOTE IN which crypto coins are introduced to APWine
  • VOTING POWER = $APW token
  • $APW will also be staked for revenue share from the protocol (soon)

$APW token distribution:


How Does It Work?

  • Bob has $10,000 USDC earning 5% interest on AAVE
  • Bob takes his AAVE deposit receipt ($aUSDC) to APWine
  • Bob deposits all of his $aUSDC into APWine
  • Bob now received 2 tokens. (FYT + PT)
  • His FYT = redeemable instantly for $500 (1 year worth of interest)
  • His PT = receipt that shows he still has $10,000 deposited in APWine


(video coming soon.)