No-Loss Prize Savings Account!

No-Loss Prize Savings Account!

Platform: PoolTogether

Category: Prize Savings

Recommended Capital: $100+


What is "No Loss Savings"?

  • think of it as a savings account
    • you deposit your USD (USDC stablecoins) into one big pool with other depositors.
    • pooled funds are then lent out in DeFi, and earn interest 💰
    • this interest = the daily prize money.
    • depositors selected randomly to split the interest-prize money.
    • while random selection, the more $ deposited, the higher chance of getting picked.

You Probably Have Some Questions:

Q: How do I know its not a scam?

A: PoolTogether is open source, meaning all of the randomness of the winners picked can be seen by looking at its public code. It can easily be audited (and is!)

Q: Is my money safe here?

A: While your money is in good hands, there area always risks from bad actors trying to attack the system. There haven't been any incidents yet, and also $100 million is currently deposited into lottery pools here, so that should give you some confidence.

Q: If no one loses their money, where does the prize money come from?

A: PoolTogether takes everyone's deposits, and directly puts them into high interest 'savings' accounts on the Compound app. With so much money being pooled, a lot of interest is earned in a week's time. At the end of the week, the interest earned from Compound, is distributed to the winner(s).

I'm Sold! How Do I Start!

Step 1: Fund your Crypto Wallet (i.e MetaMask) with USDC!

Step 2: Send your USDC to your crypto wallet on POLYGON network

Most exchanges (Coinbase) allow you to send USDC directly to Polygon network, so select this network when sending to your MetaMask.

Step 3: Head to PoolTogether & Connect Your Wallet!


Step 4: Click Deposit & Deposit on the Polygon pool:


Step 5: Enter the desired deposit amount (USDC)

You will need to confirm TWO transactions (1. Approve) (2. Confirm)

Now You Wait!

Prizes are picked daily, be patient, check back every so often, and enjoy your new no-loss prize savings account! 🥳