88mph is a DeFi bank that gives you fixed-interest for lending your crypto assets. The 88mph bank also gives you loyalty points ($MPH) which can be used as shareholders rights like cash dividends and governance power.

Quality Check:

✅ Audited

✅ Active community

✅ Active team

✅ DAO / voting

Community Links:

👉 88mpg Website

👉 88mph Twitter

👉 $MPH Token

👉 88mph Docs


Why Lend My Crypto? 🤔

  • Earn passive interest on autopilot.
  • Make your crypto holdings earn you money, instead of collecting dust.
  • Use your deposits as collateral to borrow against them, permissionless-ly.

Why Use 88mph Lending Though?

  • Safe and sure option = Fixed Interest promised over the course of ____.
  • Riskier, but higher interest option = bet on interest rate going up over time of underlying apps like Compound, AAVE, etc... which is where 88mph gets the yield from.
  • Bonus = earn $MPH tokens on deposits.
  • $MPH tokens can be staked and earn revenue share from 88mph.

How Does It Work?

  • Bob deposits $100 into 88mph and is promised 5% interest, which he can withdraw a year from now. ($5 profit in 1 year)
  • Chad pays $5 to Bob, so Bob is already in the money, but still has to wait a year.
  • Chad now gets to keep all interest that Bob's $100 earns instead.
  • Chad hopes interest rate averages above 5% in the next year, so he can keep all extra profit Bob's $100 earns.

What Is The $MPH Token Used For?


What Are The Risks Of Using 88mph?

  • Bugs, exploits are always possible.
  • Floating rate interest bonds can have risk of interest rates falling in the market, or the fixed interest rate they covered not being withdrawn at maturity.

Stand-Out Features?

  • 88mph is in the elite club of revenue sharing with its token holders / stakers ($MPH)
  • Two-sided interest rate model where one is more risky, and the other is more certain.